Bauform 67,
ring position for tank turret (Pz.Kw. I)

bunker with embrasure for machine gun.

bunker with embrasure for machine gun.

Bauform 58c,
ring position for machine gun.

Flanking groupp Skiveren

On the beach at Skiveren are three small bunkers, part of a defensive position – a “flanking emplacement” built by the German forces in spring 1944. In the event of an Allied landing on the beach, this fortified position was to prevent the troops advancing inland along Råbjergvej.

The flanking emplacement consists of two flanking bunkers located 80 metres apart and armed with machine guns set in firing slits facing in opposite directions along the beach. Between the two main bunkers is a small third bunker for a machine gun in a ring position to close the blind angle between them. This third bunker was capped with a turret from an obsolete type Pz.Kw. I tank armed with a machine gun.

The dunes behind the beach were the site of another concrete-built machine gun emplacement (ring position), intended to provide protection against assault from the landward side.

As an additional defence against a possible assault through the dunes, the German forces lined the flanks of the position with 415 anti-personnel mines over the course of June 1944.

The position also contained a small 6-man shelter of the Siegfried type, but the precise location of this little bunker is not known.

The bunkers were probably manned by personnel from an air observation post that had a been located here since at least the autumn of 1941, with a crew of around ten men.

The three bunkers that remain on the beach today were originally built on the leading edge of the dune. However, the sea washed the surrounding dunes away in 2015, leaving the bunkers exposed.

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