About the website

This website forms part of the project entitled “The Atlantic Wall in North Jutland”, financed by the Velux Foundation Museum Initiative.

The project takes the form of a working relationship between Museum Thy, the North Jutland Coastal Museum, the Historical Museum of Vendsyssel and Aalborg University.

The background for this project is the fact that all three museums work with the Atlantic Wall – as it was known – and its history as a part of their area of focus, and all three have established departments in former German fortifications:

Bangsbo Fort (Nordjyllands Kystmuseum/North Jutland Coastal Museum)

Bunkermuseet Hirtshals (Vendsyssel Historiske Museum/Historical Museum of Vendsyssel)

Bunkermuseum Hanstholm (Museum Thy)

More than 100 German fortification installations from the Second World War are still to be found north of the Limfjord in Jutland. From these, we have selected 24 locations, which we consider to be particularly worth visiting for a variety of reasons.

A separate page has been prepared for each of these 24 locations under the “Locations” tab.

As a general rule, only the bunkers that are still clearly visible in the countryside today are marked on an aerial photo or map. If a bunker is marked, this does not necessarily mean that it is open or even accessible – only that it is visible.

Bunkers that are completely concealed or that have been demolished since the end of the war are not marked on the map – nor are bunkers now located on private land or extremely close to private buildings.


Entering the bunkers or the areas around them is entirely at your own risk.